News: Michael Russell Calls Lleyton Hewitt a “Racist”

Lleyton HewittIt is safe to say Michael Russell is not a big fan of Lleyton Hewitt.

The 35 year-old American took to his facebook page shortly after his semi-final loss to Nicholas Mahut to vent his frustrations on the one-time Wimbledon champ.

Lleyton Hewitt – what a douche bag and a racist by the way too. From ATP website: It’s disappointing,” said Hewitt. “If I could’ve had a day off and come back and played the final, I reckon things would’ve been different. All in all it was a good week. Can’t do much about it. I had the tougher side of the draw, with the semi-finals this morning, I paid the price for that.” Really, so serving at 7-5, 5-4 for the Championship all of a sudden you got tired. How about you just choked and stopped making excuses. I would have loved to see Mahut/Hewitt on the side court 1 at Newport and see how many excuses Lleyton would have made then.

After beating Russell in straight sets, Mahut would go on to defeat Hewitt in the finals of the Tennis Hall of Fame Championships to earn his second ever ATP singles title.

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